Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Imaginations Running Wild

What happens when you put a pile of Duplos in front of a child? Their imagination is allowed to run wild and they invent all kinds of new things.

They may build cars or trains.

Sometimes they build the tallest tower only to knock it down.

Maybe they will make an imaginary city full of new and wonderful adventures.

A child's imagination can take them anywhere, and we love being able to watch them explore!
Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Transformation Tuesday: Jordan

In October of 2015 a little boy arrived in need of a liver transplant. Jordan (Marcus at the time) was almost one year old and was very observant of the world around him.

As Jordan waited for his liver he enjoyed exploring the world around him.

We loved seeing glimpses of his silly personality as he got more comfortable in his surroundings.

We found out that Jordan also needed heart surgery and after his recovery we were thrilled to hear that a liver was available for him.

After his transplant Jordan started the long road to recovery. We loved seeing his bright, clear eyes and his big smiles!

We celebrated as Jordan learned new things and accomplished new skills.

This past fall Jordan turned 2 and his world was expanded as he was able to move out of our CCU and he started preschool.

We love watching him learn and discover.

Jordan has grown into such a sweet little boy. We are so thankful for his life and we are also thankful that he will soon be leaving to join his forever family!